Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Daintree River Cruise

The evening of the same day we visited Mossman Gorge, we headed further north and did a cruise on the Daintree River to see the Saltwater Crocodiles there.  The weather was not very good, it was late in the day and all we saw were a couple of baby crocodiles and some other river birds.  We enjoyed the cruise but were disappointed that we did not see any adult crocs.  Because we had only seen a couple of babies the owner of the cruise company offered us a free repeat of the cruise and we took advantage of his offer the next day around noon and saw plenty of crocs, along with other Australian wildlife and flora.

at the cruise company

along the Daintree River

baby Saltwater Crocodiles

Saltwater Crododiles

Eastern Great Egret

 Little Pied Cormorant

 White-faced Heron

 Mangrove Tree Crabs

Fiddler Crabs


Coastal Hibiscus


  1. You got some nice shots on your boating trip =) So much wildlife to see in Daintree, isn't there? The river cruise is the easiest way to see them, too.

    1. We had not planned on this but were very glad we did it. One of the more memorable parts of our journey.


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