Monday, August 8, 2016

Sugar Cane and Cocoa

This post is a bit of a miscellany of photos taken during our stay in Port Douglas and on our way from Port Douglas back to Cairns and on to Brisbane.  The first few photo are from a brief visit to Daintree Village north of Port Douglas, where we had a beer and where the girls bought some post cards.  I wandered around photographing some birds and an orchid.

male and female Australasian Figbird
(this is the northern variety with a yellow breast)

 Bar-shouldered Dove

 Dockrillia teretifolia, an orchid

 Masked Lapwing

 Straw-necked Ibis

 Wedge-tailed Eagle

We also visited a Sugar Cane and Cocoa plantation and listened to a presentation there on growing these two important crops.

Sugar Cane

Cocoa pods and flowers

Word War II bomb site


coast road from Port Douglas to Cairns

cairns on the Port Douglas to Cairns road

Kangaroo farm

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