Thursday, August 25, 2016

Great Barrier Reef

On Friday, June 16, our last day in Port Douglas, we took a catamaran cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef to do some snorkeling.  We went to Low Island, part of the inner reef and an area that has not been seriously affected by the bleaching of the reef, at least not yet.  What a fabulous day we had, starting with breakfast on the boat as we left for the reef with a lovely lunch later, touring Low Island, taking a glass-bottomed boat into the reef, learning to snorkel and then actually snorkeling that beautiful reef with its colorful fish and coral.

We left Port Douglas first thing in the morning after being picked up at our accommodations.  It was raining when we were picked up and still heavily overcast when we left the harbor, but the day gradually cleared and we had enough sun in the end to get some sunburn, though we had all used plenty of sunblock.  I rented an underwater camera and managed to get some decent shots, though the battery ran out after just a little while (lesson: don't rent your camera on the boat, but rent it in Port Douglas).

our boat


 captain and mate

 leaving Port Douglas harbor

 cruising to Low Island

at the island

 shrimp trawlers off the island

on the island

the lighthouse

Lemon Shark

snorkeling at the reef

back in Port Douglas


  1. What a beautiful adventurous trip you had. The pink flower looks like a morning glory. Lot of beautiful coral and fish photos. Great memories.

    1. Thanks, Thel. That was one of the highlights of our trip.

  2. Snorkeling on the GBR is awesome, isn't it? So many critters to see! Glad you got to see the beautiful Lemon Shark, too =) Nice shots.... As you post 'em on IP, I'll ID the fish you captured ;)


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